My name is Jurij Turnšek and I have been skateboarding since the end of August 2000. I've ran a skateboarding blog for nearly 15 years until 2015. All the while I've been archiving every skate video and magazine I've gotten in digital form.


This is an online archive of skateboarding magazine PDFs that are no longer in print and not for sale. If a magazine in available for free in the first place, only very old issues are published to give their creator their due recognition.


Every magazine takes a lot of effort from a lot of people to create, so this archive is not here to steal their thunder, but rather to preserve it for eternity. Brands and companies come and go in skateboarding and their legacies (no matter how influential) are usually buried with their offices.

This is where this archive comes in - giving you a copy of the content that you once read religiously or torn out and put up on your walls.

A lifetime project

I've set this archive as a one man operation and a lifetime project. This means that I can spend as little as 5 minutes per day on working on it and still bring you an issue per day.

You are violating my copyrights!

If you feel that your magazines do not belong on this site and that we are causing you financial damages, please contact me and they will be removed immediately

How can I help

If you like what I am doing and want to help my cause, maybe tell a friend, subscribe in some form, share a page etc. If you have a magazine PDF that the archive does not have anymore or a better PDF of a magazine already published, please contact me. If you feel I need to add some attribution, tell me so in the comments and it will be done.

The website runs on only freely available services (Blogger, MEGA and Box), so that it can operate independently of my financial status. Cloud space is running low and you can help by signing up for a free Sync account using our referral code, giving us 1 GB additional space for free.

If you are interested in paid storage plans in MEGA cloud storage, please purchase them through our referral link and we will get a commission.


My modus operandi is to publish one issue per day, so we can keep the momentum going for years to come. If you have an itch for an issue that is not yet online, contact me and I can push it to the top o the queue if I have it.

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  1. Please, repost/reupload Planet Eart - Now'n'later (1991)

  2. The underground king champion AKA back on track SOTY in 14 2 15 is......